Yogyakarta's Secret Treasures

08/09/2020 through 05/26/2021
08/09/2020 through 06/01/2021
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Yogyakarta’s Secret Treasures

Can’t get enough of Indonesia? Spend some extra time in Java getting to know Yogyakarta, its cultural soul. Combine ancient sites, including the world’s largest Buddhist temple, with a traditional ballet performance, a bike ride through the countryside and a tour of the local street-food scene, culminating in a perspective of Indonesia rarely seen by most travellers.


  • Yogyakarta – Ramayana ballet performance
  • Yogyakarta – Prambanan Temple complex
  • Yogyakarta – Countryside bike ride
  • Yogyakarta – Street food walking tour
  • Yogyakarta – Borobudur Temple complex
  • Yogyakarta – Tamansari Water Castle


  • Yogyakarta is one of South-East Asia’s standout spots, and a cycling trip takes you through its backcountry, cycling past picture-perfect rice paddies and smiling locals.
  • Be treated to a performance of Javanese Ramayana ballet with the incredible Prambanan Temple serving as a backdrop.
  • Visit Borobudur, the largest Buddhist structure on earth and truly one of South East Asia’s lesser known treasures.
  • Yogyakarta is known for its food scene and specialises in various sweets, a street food walking tour allows you to taste and appreciate it’s many offerings.


Day 1 Yogyakarta
Day 2 Yogyakarta
Day 3 Yogyakarta
Day 4 Yogyakarta

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